Revive Theraputics

Revive Therapeutics is an anti-aging, longevity practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer multiple therapies to maximize vitality, standard of life, and overall mitochondrial health. Through modalities that range from the common to the fringe, Revive Therapeutics empowers our patients to align body, mind and spirit. 

Revive Therapeutics


Therapy Pricing

Photo by Look Up Look Down Photography of an optical glass sphere balanced in the gap of a rock formation. In the sphere, you can see grasses and trees against the backdrop of a blue sky.

Assessment and Analysis

  • Gut biome assessment
  • Micronutrient assessment
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Light and Energy Therapies

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Brain and Neurological Therapies

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Other Therapies

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  • Sweat lodge therapy/ceremony
  • Cacoa therapy/ceremony
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At Revive Therapeutics, we believe in data driven therapy. We encourage specific tests that show exactly where to meet you on a cellular level, and to give you tangible goals and results. Where general IV therapies are one size fits all, we develop full, trackable micronutrient profiles for our patients to adjust and align.

While we are happy to administer IV therapies to meet short-term goals, our passion is collaborating with our patients to drastically improve their whole-body well-being. IV therapy is one tool in the Science of Well-Being toolbox that includes gut biome and gut health, optimization through heat and cold exposure, hormone health, light exposure, meditation and breathwork, and other practices and therapies that equip our patients as they truly step into wellness.